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Upskilling Employees, One Skill at a Time

Our mission: “create a new paradigm for employers and employees to connect in an accessible, inclusive way that puts the unemployed back to work quickly.”

Redefining the Employer-to-Employee Relationship


Streamlined Solutions: Isotonik’s approach identifies employer needs first, and working with existing Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) we enable students to earn while they learn and graduate with new career pathways


Unique Technology: Our technology-enabled platform, combined with soft skills development and personalized human support, delivers a holistic solution for learners seeking to upskill or reskill

What We Do.

Focusing on the healthcare sector, we train for in-demand job roles including Medical Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Team of volunteers! Connected with impact as the common goal

Our greatest strength, job creators trying to solve the displaced worker problem – Six CEO team members, representing Five industries)

A team that brings a multi-dimensional perspective to skilling from academics to research to impact to industry

How We Do It.


Solution: Employer Driven Needs Analysis + AI Enabled Rapid Skilling Platform + Humanized Approach to Skills Development

Augmented reality based immersive learning

AI-enabled ‘isotonik’ engine for different candidate learning styles

Proctored candidate post-skill assessment

Candidate based motivation models to accelerate skilling

A human-based approach to increase graduation efficiency

One platform solution for all stakeholders

Case Study

25,000+ candidates reached

8,000 candidates interested

1,100 candidates assessed

549 candidates accepted into the training program

96% of candidates successfully graduated

78% of candidates successful placed in jobs

Our Partners

Our achievements have been made possible thanks to the many partners we have worked with over the last few years. Together, we have impacted numerous lives by promoting equal opportunities for displaced talents in the healthcare industry. Thank you!